Group Health Insurance

At James G Parker we are committed to reducing the time, effort and capital that our clients commit to the management and administration of their Employee Benefits program. We have found that most employers are faced with wearing multiple hats when running a business. While many large national corporations have the luxury of an entire department handling their benefits program, our experience shows this approach is not a cost effective solution or even an option for most employers. This is where we see ourselves adding value to your business as your offsite “benefits manager”.

In our role as your “benefits manager”, we work closely with you and your in?house staff to provide direction, consultation, administrative support and training to assist your team with the day to day processes of your Employee Benefits program.

We’ve branded this service platform into what we call Perspectives Benefit Management Solutions. There are three core components to Perspectives:

Pre Renewal Stategic Planning

  • Establish Benefit Program Goals
  • Current Plan Analysis
  • Claims Review
  • Flexible Spending Account Review
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance Review
  • HR Practices Review
  • COBRA Compliance Review
  • Employee Survey
  • Wellness Program Design


  • Market Search
  • Quote Review and Consultation
  • Employee Meetings
  • Employee Packet Distribution
  • Prepare and Distribute Employee Communication Pieces
  • Wellness Plan Incentives
  • Activate Web Based Benefits Portal

Post Implementation Evaluation

  • Benefit Program Review
  • Portal Use Analysis
  • Communication Review
  • Employee Plan Understanding and Use Review
  • Goal Achievement Analysis
  • Outsourced Administration Review

Value Added Services:


We offer client branded sites, set up and maintained by James G. Parker Insurance Agent in Santa Barbara. Available branded sites include:

J G Parker Up Close 360
Client Connect Web Portal
24/7 HR & Employment Law Access – Telephonic & Online

Cobra Administration

Non?compliance with state and federal requirements can be costly with fines amounting to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per employee. We don’t believe that is a risk worth taking and therefore assist you in protecting your company by mitigating that risk. A COBRA administrator ensures your company’s compliance with these complex regulations as well as save company time, and other valuable resources.

COBRA Administration provides:
Distributing notifications, correspondence, election packets, and COBRA termination notices as required by law
Maintaining qualifying events and HIPAA loss?of?coverage data on?line
Processing election forms, and tracking key dates to ensure accurate and timely responses to COBRA administrative requirements
Providing HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage

FMLA Administration

FMLA administration service takes the burden of managing complex and time?consuming work off of your HR Manager and their department. Like COBRA, FMLA has complex and ever changing regulations that create its own unique challenges. Consistent delivery of FMLA benefits across the entire company mitigates risk, ensures compliance and protects you against financial penalties and fines.

FMLA Administration provides:

  • Confidential program management
  • Reduction in the amount of illegitimate leave given to employees
  • Assurance that leave hours are accurately managed
  • Unbiased leave determination
  • Full?service compliance management
  • Extensive reporting on leave hours, approved cases, and case detail

Wellness Programs

Wellness is one of the biggest cost reduction factors in an employer’s control as it pertains to health care. The Wellness Council of America research shows that employers get back $9.30 in reduced health care costs and absenteeism combined on every dollar spent on workplace wellness programs. Here are some additional benefits of an effective Wellness Program:

  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Control Over Rising Health Care Costs
  • Improved Employee Productivity
  • Reduction in Employee Stress and Injuries
  • Improved Morale
  • Higher Job Retention

Implementation / Measurement / Branding
Develop a multi?year action plan that advances the four long term goals of Enrollment, Engagement, Results Achievement and Maintenance.

Identify tools and services available from the insurance companies (health and ancillary) Engage local medical groups.

Establish a Budget and Incentives
Determine on how much your company is willing to invest based on the potential return on investment. Identify incentives to be used and how they will be implemented.

Identify Health Initiatives

  • Obesity
  • Asthma
  • Pre?natal/post?natal care
  • Stress
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes


  • Establish a communication strategy for the employees
  • Roll?out the wellness plan with as much notice to the employees as possible
  • Utilize existing corporate communications
  • Re?enforce the corporate message at every opportunity

Utilize metrics to measure effectiveness in engagement and tangible cost reduction.

Make it personal to your company.