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Safety Net

Safety NetPicture the trapeze artist gracefully swinging through the air, freely letting go of one trapeze as they reach out for another. One could assume that although safety must be a concern, the aerialist can perform freely having put their trust in their ground crew. The support staff is there to make sure the rigging is secure and every safety precaution has been taken to prevent an accident. Like the trapeze artist, we want you to go about your daily business and while being aware of safety concerns, we want you to have the confidence that every measure has been taken to ensure the safest environment possible in which to operate your business. Our Santa Barbara insurance agents team can evaluate, implement and affect a positive change in your staff’s safety awareness and your company’s safety culture through education and training.

Safety Services

  • Injury & Illness Prevention Program
  • California Labor Law Postings & Board
  • Safety Meetings
  • Written Hazard Inspections
  • Accident Prevention Signage
  • OSHA “Blue Card” Certification
  • Eye Wash Station

  • Lagoon Safety Station
  • Lockout/Blockout Station & Maintenance
  • Employee Handbook
  • Forklift Certification
  • Harassment Training
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Analysis
  • Employment Practices Consulting